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How the Bender Back on Track Program Works

Relax What's Tight, Strengthen What's Weak

Most back pain is caused by tight, strained muscles or weak muscles which create an imbalance. Unlike pills, the Bender Method doesn't just mask the pain, but gets to the core of the problem. That's because the ingenious Bender Back on Track Program is based on 2 simple but scientific principles:

  1. Relax the muscles that are too tight
  2. Strengthen the core muscles that are weak
Relax what is tight, Strengthen what is weak
Bender Back

Relax What's Tight

The Bender Back on Track program relaxes the muscles that are too tight, lengthening strained, knotted muscles like a therapeutic massage.

Many people suffer back pain due to poor posture, muscle imbalances and other stresses on the spine from work, sports and daily activities. With correct training, you can reduce this pain and reduce the risk of future back pain.

Bender Back

Strengthen What's Weak

When we think of training our core it is not just the abs, it is all the muscles surrounding the spine which we need to address in order to create strength and reduce pain.

This program is systematically designed to strengthen your upper and lower abs in the front, your side obliques and wrapping all the way around to your back muscles (both upper and lower).


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Bender Ball Supports Your Back

The Bender Ball supports your lower back reducing stress to your back muscles so that you can comfortably target train your abs. Having a strong core is crucial to reducing back pain.

Strengthen Core Muslces

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